Saturday, 24 March 2012


We had crêpes for breakfast.

Leftover smorgasborg for lunch.

I made party cupcakes for a three year-old.  Found and made the best whipped vanilla butter frosting I've ever made so far and sprinkles stuck to it! 

Made a batch of homemade vanilla.

Made a batch of Lazy Granola.

Made this for snack.

Going to a birthday party for supper.

Drinks tonight?


  1. I had a busy day in the kitchen too.... did 2 crock pots of pulled pork, made a batch of bullseye bbq sauce, some cream of brocolli soup and 2 kinds of scones. Supper is... not sure

    1. Ha ha, that happens to me too! I can cook all day and then... uh... what's for dinner?

      Do you freeze your scones and are they still nice thawed? The recipes I follow are awesome fresh and not-so-nice the next day, but good frozen immediately after cooling and thawed.

    2. Yes, they freeze really well. I think the trick to good scones is to not add to much flour. I usually freeze all my "bread" products. I always find it stays fresher. Especially because I use all whole wheat flour.

      I made 3 dozen hamburger buns today so I could make pulled pork sandwiches to freeze for Linn's lunches. Then we had them for supper with some coleslaw. I can only do suppers like that when Linn has a hot lunch for the next day (he takes sandwich for snack and then a hot lunch). Luckily he made lots of chicken curry on Sunday so there are leftovers.

      My hamburger buns recipe is really good. Turns out nice and light and it's hard to believe it's all whole wheat. I refined it from the summer so I don't think you have my new one.