Saturday, 3 March 2012

Rainy Saturday afternoon special - S'mores!

We just had a snack after a nutritious snack - we had s'mores!  We microwaved the marshmallows. It was quick and easy. 

Lacking were the campfire songs, mosquitoes, and burnt (sometimes like a torch) marshmallows lost into the ashes.  I have fond memories of Girl Guide camp, year after year, when my Mum was our Leader and we made s'mores, we sang songs (mmmhmmm, I wanna linger, mmmhmm a little longer, mmmhmm a little longer here with you)(I can still sing most of "Barges", anyone else know that song? I have vague recollections that it was written by a young female cancer patient looking out her window, is that accurate?)(how about the one about "sipping cider through a straw"?  We actually had to stop singing that one, it was "banned" and I never knew why 'til I was older).

These are relatively clean and easy.

Our s'more recipe
from my childhood, circa 1980
2 graham wafer squares
peanut butter
chocolate chips
1 big marshmallow

- thinly spread both graham wafers with pb (this is so the marshmallow and the choc chips don't fall off, there is logic to this).
- place both graham wafers pb side up in the microwave, top one with enough choc chips to satisfy (perhaps cover the surface, then adjust to taste), top the other with a big marshmallow (or as many minis as you can squeeze on there)
- microwave 10-12 seconds (don't leave the microwave, it happens fast) until the marshmallow(s) puff up
- quickly flip either layer on top of the other, this takes a bit of finesse.
- don't press down, let the weight of the top side do it's work
- let sit for about 30 seconds to melt everything and set the marshmallow just a bit.
- eat, lick fingers and / or plate as needed.
- Repeat as needed.

It is tradional folklore to use a piece of a milk chocolate bar, but they don't melt fast enough and I find them too sweet (I use semi-sweet choc chips).  Peanut butter is not customarily used.

Edit: We went outside moments after posting this and HAD A FIRE and ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS, of course!  Here are some pictures.

Where were you when you had your first s'more?  Have you not had one yet (what are you waiting for?)  What do you dress yours up with?


  1. sound familiar!! have not had one for a long time.
    your mother

    1. Hi Mum! We can have them when you visit!