Sunday, 5 August 2012

Crazy summer food ideas

Well, this has most certainly been one craaaaazy summer of stress and fun.
There's honestly not a lot of home cooking going on and I especially miss baking (and eating it).  I had a hankering for a chocolate chip cookie for weeks!  Thought I found what I was looking for at an Irving (Circle K) but the very next day I wanted more, so I guess those cookies didn't scratch my itch.  I don't often walk through the bakery section of my local grocery stores, but I did a couple of days ago and there was a pack of Gourmet Chocolate Chunk cookies from Sobeys.  The ingredients were not listed.  They were baked in-store.  They were good!  They were good enough to satisfy. 

We're eating a lot of our meals out of the grocery stores these days when we need to get out for showings of the house (it's for sale), work to be done on it and general summer fun.  I got the usual down pat.  I'm practicing for our long journey across the country in a few weeks.

Not my picture, but I love it!

I'm talking healthy choices that don't require cooking and maybe minimal heating or fiddling.  There are various breads and condiments (from PB&J to greek pita and hummus), a rotisserie chicken, bagged salads and pre-washed veggies to munch on and more (that I can't bring to mind right now, it's been a long day / week / month and it's going to be a long seven weeks ahead).  Fruit and cheeses.  Yogurt.

I'm looking for more of your ideas!  I'm often soliciting ideas from you and I do love your feedback.

I would like to know what you grab from the grocery store to eat as is or creatively throw together for a yummy meal.  What are your shortcuts?  Whether you're on a long drive and eating most of your meals picnic-style or rushing home after a long day of work, what do you turn to?  What are your fall-back meals?  Tell me everything!