Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Homemade Vanilla

Buy vodka and add split vanilla beans.  Wait six weeks to use.

Give away as gifts in a pretty bottle.
Keep a bottle steeping and use a bottle.  As you empty one, add another bean, fill with vodka and wait six weeks.

I've been getting rave reviews from the fam since I started using my own vanilla, even in simple things like pancakes using the same old recipe.  Huh.  Yipee!

Homemade vanilla
found here
6 vanilla beans, split lenghtwise
350 ml bottle of vodka (approximately)
- split beans the long way, scrape seeds out and into bottle, put beans in bottle, cover with vodka.  Let steep in a dark place and shake it every now and then.  After six weeks, use it as you would any other vanilla.

Any questions?

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