Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Supper tonight - takeout (not)

Tonight, I wanted take-out.

It wasn't in the menu plan, that's for sure, but I was just a tiny bit tired of being the full-time parent, maid, entertainer and chef around here and was thinking a change would be nice.

Well, I didn't have the "change" to pay for said meal, so I opted to cook instead.  yipee

Somehow, takeout turned into homemade Pad Thai.  Served on nothing but a plate.  I let the dish shine.

It was good.  The middle kids didn't eat more than two bits, but I don't get hung up on what they eat or don't eat or when or how.  When they're hungry they eat.  I try to offer good snacks.  Meh, it all comes out in the wash.  The Big Kid is such a trooper and pretty much eats anything I set in front of him - he always has; even when he can SEE the tofu in it, he does his best.

I did have chicken breast and tofu, so they both went into it and somehow I forgot a sweet pepper and an onion.  It was still delightful and I'll make it again.  And again.  and again.

Go here for the recipe for Pad Thai.  For this exact batch you see pictured, I kinda winged it with the sauce ingredients and it turned out a bit less saucy than I like a little less peanutty also.  Go with the recipe here and it'll be perfect.

I think I'm going to make a small batch of wedges now for a snack, that'll satisfy.  Remember this awesome lunch?  This is what I'm going to make right now.  Mmmmmm


  1. looks yummy and soooo fresh....Martha

  2. Yeah, it was great and crunchy and tasty and cheap (relatively speaking, of course).