Saturday, 5 May 2012

On a personal note...

You know, my life is pretty darn good if I can come on here as often as I do and talk about something as light and fluffy as food. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm living a life of leisure already.  (Now, go back and say "leisure" with an English accent, you're talking in your head anyway, no one's going to hear you.  Not "lee-sure" but "leh-shur".)

I went for a drive yesterday and in case you missed it, here's the post.  I was meandering through Wolfville and was struck by how much I just wanted to park the car and sit on a patio with a hot cuppa java (probably from the Just Us! location I spotted).  The sun was shining, people looked healthy, happy, wandering around this little town's main drag that is about three blocks long.  You've got everything right there.  Post office, grocery store, flower shop, barber, used books, gifts, games, restaurants, pubs, cafés, shoe store, photo shop, theatre, outdoor clothing store and the list goes on.  There's a major university there too which I imagine helps keep the population young-looking (I don't  know the census information on this town, I'm just making assumptions based on what I saw).

Now, no, not everything I saw was rainbows and unicorns, I didn't have my rose-coloured glasses on.  Even the less-than-awesome was part of the picture.  We're all part of the picture.  When I'm walking down the street struggling with my three-under-three-and-a-quarter, what am I adding to the layers of my town or street?

But back to my life... I wake up, get people out the door who go out the door, then turn my attention to my wee ones, my house and myself in that order.  I don't have a schedule, I don't have anywhere I have to be most days.  We can play, learn, eat and drink as we please.  So, why then, does that seem so "intense" as one woman called it - I'd been using the term "chaotic" but I like "intense" much more.

No one in my family is ill or challenged in any obvious ways, I'm so lucky this way.  We all seem pretty happy with our stand in life.  My partner loves me and I love him AND we like each other, that helps too.  My kids get along, in the major ways.

So there I was, approaching a stop sign in Wolfville, windows down, kids are looking around, life is good, thinking about all the lazy stuff I'd do if I lived in Wolfville.  I'd walk on the sidewalk.  I'd stop when I wanted to.  I'd have a book with me and I'd read a page or two with coffee in the hot, hot sun.  I'd admire the shoes in the window.  I'd scout out gifts I'd like to give to my family and friends.  Sounds like I'd be kidless at that moment... maybe they're in daycare... yeah, that's it.  I'm just getting a break.

What a beautiful day it was daydreaming.

I'm awfully thankful for all the people in my life that make it what it is.

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