Saturday, 19 May 2012

Product review - Duncan Hines Carrot

Several weeks ago, I had a guest over and she brought with her a mix for Duncan Hines Classic Carrot cake. 
Prepared as per the instructions -
they are more beautiful in real life and on their way into my mouth somehow!
I prepared it as per the full-fat instructions on the box (oops, I would've used the less-fat instructions had I looked for them, they were also on the box) and it made 12 big muffins.
They were okay warm out of the oven.  BUT, after spending the night in an air tight container at room temperature they were something to write home about

They were THAT good!  The texture was great and the flavours had kind of mellowed.

This is what the box looks like in case you want to pick one up.
I'd make this again if someone were to bring it to my house.
Disclaimer: This product was a gift and I did not receive free product from the company.  I received no compensation to try the product and was under no obligation to write a review, I just wanted to.

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