Sunday, 13 May 2012

Banana coconut pineapple (tofu) smoothie

Made one of my best smoothies for snack this afternoon, as rated by the Big Kid.  He loves smoothies and knows when one stands above the rest.

I made Healthy Lemon Squares (post to follow) this afternoon and instead of just making more of the filling, I ended up with some silken tofu left over.  I also had a can of coconut milk open in the fridge to use up.

Here's what I did.

Banana Coconut Pineapple smoothie (with tofu - but you don't have to tell your kids)
1 yellow banana
1 can (14oz) pineapple in chunks with juice
1/2 box Mori Nu silken tofu (red box, 240g) (approx)
1/3 can Thai Kitchen coconut milk (red label, 400ml) (approx)
3 Tbsp sugar
- dump all ingredients into blender and blend away
- serve as is or chilled.  If you are smart, you can use a frozen banana and it will be colder (you may cut up said banana and freeze it ready for smoothies or 1 ingredient ice cream, which I have not tried yet)

Photos to follow this evening, just had to tell you now while it's still hot out and you want a snack.


  1. I really like the pinacolada flavor.. I look forward to making this. Thanks for posting!

  2. heya Rana...
    just got fresh cherries today. i've also got a batch of black bananas. was wondering if you know any good recipes or ideas for combining them or if these 2 should even be combined tastes? thank you