Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mozzarellissima (on lasagna)

The cheese that stretches as long as it's name.TM

I just can't get enough of this cheese.  I won a prize basket from fellow food blogger mmmisformommy.  In the basket were several kitchen tools and gadgets along with five gift certificates for 500g mozzarellissima cheese (lite or not lite).

So far, I have picked up one of each variety and am more than pleased with both. 

This is the cheese that brings me back to Vito's lasagnas from when I was *cough* much younger.  They put it on their pizzas too, but had / have a "thing" for their lasagnas.  Actually, I just have a "thing" for lasagna in general.  Now you know what to make me to stick in my freezer for emergency meals, I'm so transparent!

This is the cheese that has that gooey, chewy, full-mouth feel to it (kinda in a gobby way but that's what I like about it) when melted.  Cold out of the fridge it is delightful as well, but nothing special.  Melted... now we're talking.

I wanted lasagna so I used what I have on-hand to fill me up.

Here I have made a lasagna which was awesome!  I highly recommend it IF you are a lasagna fan.  Big shout out to my Mum (HI MUM!) who does not like lasagna though she really likes a spaghetti meal... go figure.


  1. Congrats on the win Rana. I won two things last week, an Oster blender and some body scrub and lotion. I love winning!

    What a great basket. I am going to look for that cheese. I've never seen it but I love Vito's, especially their cheese. I'm always looking for something chewy on pizza and pasta.

    1. Mozzarellissima is what you are looking for, then.