Saturday, 19 May 2012

Product review - Clover Leaf Spicy Thai

I have just consumed something I want you to know about.  I thoroughly enjoyed a can of Clover Leaf Spicy Thai flaked light tuna.

I forgot to take a picture of the contents, but here's the packaging.

There's an ez peel lid and I ate it straight out of the can. 

I have bought another.

Disclaimer: I bought this product myself and am under no obligation to write a review at all, negative or positive.  I am receiving no compensation from the company.


  1. I love this with wheat thins for lunch - your homemade thins would be great :) This is also good in a salad.

    1. The homemade wheat thins ARE great, they speak for themselves. Just finished a batch at lunch today, now I can make more! Salad, LOVE that idea!