Sunday, 19 February 2012

Move more, eat less

There are many ebbs and flows and cycles I must listen to.  Some are daily, some occur weekly, bi-weekly and we all know about the monthly one.  There are also seasonal and even every-now-and-then ones.  Pregnancy is a cycle with phases not to be ignored.  We go through even bigger cycles of childhood, teenage-hood, young adulthood, less-than-young adulthood (which I think I'm in now), mature adulthood and then it's all downhill from there!  No, seriously, I'm not there and haven't been so therefore cannot pretend to have any idea what life is like in the stage after this one.
My clothes are just getting a little too tight.  The pattern seems to be that this occurs every few months.  I've been the same dress size (with the exception of actually being pregnant and a few months after that while things are evening themselves out again and I find my balance) since I was about 15 years old.  I've been a small and a big version of the same size.  I've trained to be a firefighter and remained in the same wardrobe, but believe me, they were loose and looking back through pictures, they looked really good on me.  I've been at the place where I am right now before too, where everything is just a little too tight and I don't like how I feel in my clothes.  I've been expecting this. 

For me, the answer is simple.  Move more, eat less.  Yes, for me it's as easy as that. 

So this week, I will walk every day.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 will sit in their "jogging" stroller and #4 will be strapped on my back.  They will be quiet.  They will sit still.  And they will enjoy it, dammit.  Truth be told, #4 will be asleep before I pass the neighbour's driveway and, if I time it right, Thing 1 and Thing 2 may even fall asleep so I won't have to deal with the dreaded naptime.  How I loathe thee, naptime.  Bedtime too is long and sometimes painful (for the adults), but that's an entirely different blog.

In my house, there are no "diets".  Diet is a term to describe what we eat, not an effort to lose weight.  I've never dieted in this sense, ever.  Perhaps that is why I am always the same size.  To eat less means two things.  I will have to eat less in general and I will have to eat less of the things I don't need (sugar and flour).  There will be no taking of remnants from my kids' plates (you know you do it), it's better off in the compost bin than in my body.  I will have a container of cut up raw veggies at the ready.  I will drink water. 

With the privelege of eating well comes the responsibility of moving my body.

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