Sunday, 26 February 2012


I have a lot of Cortland apples right now, I smell an apple post soon!

What do you like to do with apples?

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  1. In the fall we picked our own two trees plus a neighbour's so had plenty to work with. I don't know what you mean about " a lot" of apples but here's some of our projects....

    dehydrated apple rings (they are so tasty)
    canned apple pie filling
    canned apples
    canned spicy apple rings
    canned apple juice ( about 50 qts for Linn's lunch)
    canned apple sauce (tons)
    frozen apples... just cut and froze in pie plates then removed the pie plate when frozen...that way I can put them in a pie crust later.
    froze apples in bags for apple crisp or whatever we want
    apple jelly
    apple upside down cake (this is from Mom).... made a 1234 cake (basic white cake) ... layered apples with spices and sugar in a foil plate or tin.... pour cake batter on top and cook. Freezes well.

    I have a steamer/juicer that works so well at canning time. What I do is make apple juice with it and then with the bulk left I use a "thingee... I can't remember the name of the gadget right now) and make applesauce. It turns out quick thick so I add some of the juice back in it. Then we throw the remaining seeds. peels into the compost so there is absolutely no waste.

    I have 2 huge pressure canners that I use for the juice afterwards to process it. I also do the rest of the apple canning in them.

    Hope this helps. We had about 300 lbs of apples so were busy for awhile. The applesauce came in really handy for our twin nephews. They just love it and eat it almost daily.