Friday, 17 February 2012

FFF (Fun Food Friday)

I try to plan a fun meal for the Friday supper.  I let the kids choose or prepare the meal.  Previously (before"the twins"), we had FFF (Family Fun Friday).  We'd eat a fun meal and play a game all evening or watch a movie with popcorn and snack food.  Well, "the twins" kinda put a kink in those plans.  Now that they are older we can start this tradition back up again.  It will be a welcome return.  We, the three older people in the family, are naturally game lovers.  The day we bought an old version of Monopoly, we played all day.  I won't exaggerate.  We played all day.  And it was sunny out.  And summertime.  I know!  Bad!  We had so much fun!  (The big kid giggles when he tells that story.)
Tonight, the big kid requested a seven layer dip and I obliged.  I did not get a picture, my apologies.  I'm still not used to photographing my food, it's unnatural for me. 

I layered it on each person's plate to serve to them, I don't trust the middle kids to be social dippers and refrain from double-dipping and whatever else almost-three-year-olds do to their food.  I served it with store-bought nacho chips with cheese melted on them.

Big kid's FFF layer dip
1.  Heat and mash a can of beans (I used romano, you can use pinto or black beans or whatever, I think) and mix with some taco seasoning mix and enough water to keep it dippable (about a half a cup).  Plop on plate or spread it out on one nice serving dish.
2.  Mix half a package of cream cheese with 125ml (half a small container) of sour cream.  Spread over bean layer.
3.  Chop up some peppers (red or green or both), a tomato and iceberg lettuce.  Sprinkle generously on top.
4.  Grate about a cup of cheddar cheese and sprikle on top.
5.  Serve with nacho chips, homemade or store-bought or a fork.

What are some of your fun foods?  How do you like to spend your family fun nights?  I'd love to hear about them.


  1. popcorn with different seasonings is a snack food I often use when my friends are over for scrabble.

    Individual pizzas are fun....make the crust and put out a bunch of ingredients and let everyone build their own. The same goes for quesidillas.

    Tacos are a fun food night too.


  2. We do pizza and movie night every Friday. We've been doing this for over 2 years. The kids are 14 year old, 9 year old, and the twins will be 4 in May. Most Fridays we cook from frozen, but occasionally we'll do home made. The twins are now big enough to do their own toppings when we do that now. Everyone responds well to the routine of doing it every Friday and are always excited for Pizza and Movie night. For us its an easy meal we don't have to think too much about and we know everyone will eat it, which is a big deal when you have two pre-schoolers.

  3. These are some good ideas, thank you ladies. I think we will add pizza to the list of regulars. I just can't make each day a specific food, I like my menu to be a bit more loose than that. But, I do enjoy keeping a theme on particular days. Tacos are indeed well-received here, I like anything that goes in a tortilla actually.

  4. This reminded me of Tostadas, which I haven't had for months. Refried beans, sour cream, salsa, cilantro (which I despise, but it's a good option), tomatoes, lettuce, whatever -- on a tostada shell (which, because of the lack of options I've seen for shells, toasted corn tortillas). It's like eating one giant nacho, but it usually falls apart and turns into little nachos ..which makes it that much more fun.


    1. THIS sounds so good! Let's eat it together next meal you come over. (I despise cilantro too.) I do love messy food too.