Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tin foil cod supper

Still on the topic of campfires and sing-alongs, who wants a tin foil supper?  No, you're not going to eat the tin foil, but your supper will be steamed inside tin foil pockets on the fire (or BBQ if you're just not survival-person enough to build and maintain a fire... no judging here, I can't even start a respectable fire).

Plated! Yum!

First step: go out and hunt, fish or go to your nearest fishmonger like I did, I'm a city girl.  I bought cod from Evan's Fresh Seafoods & Restaurants and all the slaying I had to do was slice open the pretty little plastic vacuum sealed bag it came in.  Phew!

Pocket of Evan's cod.

Next step: harvest the vegetables.  I chose frozen veggies and fresh carrots.  I should've added a potato, I missed it.  Slice up an onion when you get back from the field.  Rrrrr rrrr rrrr.

Pocket of veggies.

Then, create two tin foil pockets.  I'm not really talented with this, so I had two sheets to just cover the food.  I put the fish down on one with S&P, onion, butter, folded it up as well as I could (I don't wrap gifts very well either), very gently flipped it over and wrapped the second layer as tightly as I could.  Repeat with the veggies' pocket. 

Fire should be all red (this is where I leave you fire-people, I'm BBQ'ing mine) or BBQ hot.  Turn one burner off and gently place your pockets on the other side.  You will not be flipping, it's too fragile.  Mine were, yours may not be so precariously wrapped.

20 mintues later, supper can be photographed!  Em, I mean served!

This can very easily be done with hamburger meat as well which is fabulous with a packet of French Onion Soup mix!  You can make one pocket for each person too if you have differing tastes.  Mark an initial on the pocket after wrapping and before cooking so you can differetiate to serve.

What are some combinations you've done and loved?  Or not-so-much?  Want to talk some more about campfire memories?

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