Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Motherload of Mango

My parents are visiting from Out West and it has been a wonderful visit.  The Middle Kids are really kinds smitten with The Grandfather and seem to be able to take or leave The Grandmother.  The Wee One still just wants me.  The Big One has been The Grandfather's for a while now, he's lost to me when he's here!  The Man finally got a few minutes with my Dad last night.  Something we miss since three more kids came along is just sitting and enjoying all of our parents.  After the kids are in bed, we are so tired we just pass out.  No more cigars, card games, late-night chats, midnight meals.  Although, the three Big Boys did get out yesterday for an amicable game of bowling, all were happy.

Anyhow, they skipped out for a trip to Costco yesterday and came back with a surprise for us.  The Motherload (or mother lode, I could not confirm the correct spelling, seems both are used and perhaps Motherload is more correct?).  A big box of oranges, fresh mangoes - the kind my Mum just had in Mexico last week, mango juice, chips, batteries and a charger, three chickens and big bag of flour!  Yeah, baby!


Many mangoes!

Box of oranges - fresh squeezed anyone?

Quick, what can I do with fresh mango (keep it clean, kids)?  Other than the obvs mango coconut smoothie, I got that one covered.


  1. I love mango salsa, if you google it I'm sure you can find a recipie you'll love.

  2. Rana, honestly mangoes are best eaten fresh. They aren't as messy if you cut them up before giving them to the kids. Just slice them down the long side of both sides of the pit and then down the skinny side and then cube these pieces.

    I dried mangoes last year and they are awesome. We are eating them now. Hopefully this season we will get quite a few so I can dry some more.

  3. I'm SO embarrassed! They brought a honkin' chunk of Asiago cheese to which I am quickly developing a liking. AND A FOOD PROCESSOR! I canNOT believe I forgot to mention it! I'll post about it separate... yeah... that was my plan all along, I didn't forget to mention it....