Friday, 17 February 2012

Kitchen organizing 1

I love an organized kitchen.  I love an organized anything.  My kitchen is not organized, but some cupboards and shelves are.  Since I've been buying more and more in bulk, I need somewhere to put it when I get home.  Enter glass bottles.  Ahhhh, calm and pretty.

Here are two of my shelves that are working for me.  I'm not showing you my whole kitchen, just the good parts!

 Love bottles, love baskets.  Here's a bit of both.

Love my larder from Lee Valley.  I love my handy Man who built my whole kitchen from scratch to my specifications!

Nuts, lentils, corn meal, raisins, chocolate chips and carob chips, oats, rice, quinoa, barley; OH MY!  Sunflower seeds, popping corn, sugars, flours, pumpkin seeds, figs, spice mixes, honey, pasta...

Some are in 250ml Mason or Bernardin bottles, some are 500ml, and right on up to 4L bottles that I got by special request from my Nanny.  Now, SHE's organized.

Want to share some of your systems that work for you?  How about what you'd like to do in your dream kitchen?


  1. You inspired me and I can't wait to do more :) I love calm and organized...happy sigh!

  2. I use canning jars for organizing too. It's so easy to see the contents. I save my old lids instead of throwing them out (they can only be used once).

    If you have a small kitchen a pot rack hanging from the ceiling works well if you have the right place for it. We had ours hanging over our island and it was very convenient. Ikea sells them for a decent price. If you were here I'd give you one.

    The counter under my kitchen sink tends to get messy so I purchased a commercial sized cookie sheet for a great price and it fits perfectly. I just put everything on it and when it's time to clean I pull it all out at once and clean it up. Saves a lot of time and the shiny silver looks nice.

    That's all I have for now..... did I win yet? lol