Sunday, 26 February 2012

Clubhouse sandwiches, zero soup and homemade wedges

This was our supper tonight.  For the first time in a while, the table was busy because we couldn't keep enough food on the three wee ones' plates.  Usually it's busy because the middle two keep running away.  It was a refreshing change that we didn't complain about.

This is the stuff magic is made of!

I took apart a store-bought rotisserie chicken, sliced tomatoes, a cucumber, and cheese and separated lettuce leaves a bit earlier in the afternoon to prepare.  The bacon was cooked at breakfast time.  The Big Kid was in charge of the toast.  I assembled the clubhouse sandwiches (I really wanted to link to more exciting information about clubhouse sandwiches than Wikipedia, but it was all I found.).

Assembled clubhouse sandwich.
The oven wedges are so good! My whole family likes them.  I'm sorry I have to admit I like them with real mayo (I use Hellman's brand) in a very French way I learned in Montréal.  Ahhh, some habits are hard to break; fries and mayo is one of them.

Plated with wedges.  Miam miam!
The soup is a Weight Watchers recipe I found a while back (I've never been a member though).  It is chock full of vegetables.  Tonight, in a rare move, I made just enough soup for supper and no extras.  Tomorrow is an Avery's run to stock up on veggies so today I was running low.  I put whatever vegetables I have on-hand in this soup.  This time, I added a generous dash of Italian seasoning for a change.  This soup freezes well and is good packed in lunches on a cold day.

Zero soup.
The father was overheard saying "Man, she'd do anything for bacon!"  Referring to his "eat this, get bacon" deal he was making with her.  Who wouldn't?!

Clubhouse sandwich
makes 1
3 slices toast
Miracle Whip or mayonnaise
3 oz cooked, shredded chicken meat
2 slices tomato
2 slices cheddar

slices cooked bacon (slighly crispy)
lettuce leaves
- toast, mayo, mustard, chicken, toast, mayo, cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce

Roasted Potato Wedges
from Canandian Living Make it Tonight
makes enough for 4 servings
2 lb potatoes, about 4
2 Tbsp vegetable oil (I use about 1/4 cup)
1 tsp gr cumin
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp salt
- wash and prick potatoes, microwave according to your machines directions.  Mine took 12 minutes for all 4 together.
- cut into wedges, toss with oil and spices
- spread on greased sheet in single layer
- 450F for 20 minutes, flip once

This would also be a good place to make some coleslaw.


  1. This sounds amazing! We made club house sandwiches last week for the first time at home- my meal plan was kind of out the window as we all settled into a routine with the newbie and mine was only 2 layers but Mike's 3-layer deal looked awesome! I also love to make our own oven fries (dipped in mayo or mayo/ketchup mixed - drool!). I don't do the microwave before hand, just wash, slice, toss in olive oil and then whatever spices I feel like. I think I'll try your version for a switch. And thanks for the soup, I really need a deep freezer now!

  2. You're making me hungry!! I think I'll try microwaving the potatoes as well. I find it hard to get them crispy in the oven, maybe they just need to cook more.

    Thanks for the great idesa.


  3. I am equally as in love with Fries & Mayo. It's a VERY large Belgian tradition (which may be the only thing the Dutch, French and German inhabitants of Belgium have in common). So bad, and it's making me debate writing it in my food journal for my trainer.

    Love the blog!

  4. This sounds delicious! Clubhouse sandwiches are my all time favourite food. I will have to give this a try when we get settled in our new apartment. I've been really digging the mayo/mustard mix lately....sooo good!

    Thanks for sharing, Rana!

    1. You are most welcome, MsSammy!