Friday, 17 February 2012

Evan's Fresh Seafoods & Restaurant

Strolling through the Farmer's Market location at Alderney Landing this evening, we happened upon a new-to-us vendor called Evan's Fresh Seafoods & Restaurant (I confess it has been a while since we`ve been to the Dartmouth Market, I can`t say how long they`ve been there but they looked settled).  My eldest son asked for a glass of water which was served to him from a glass bottle with a reusable plastic cork, reminiscient of an old milk bottle, he thought that was great!  He got to chatting with the two girls behind the counter and when I came up, they were conversing in French.  He thought that was great too!  Turns out, Joline had recently moved here from Montréal to run / work at her father's restaurant, Evan's with her sister Jocelyne! 

I copied this straight off their FB page, I hope that\s cool.
That`s Joline d'Entremont and Oussama Ait Oumenni.

Before we left, he ordered some fries to go and this decision resulted in finding the second best fries I've ever had in HRM.  I think that's great!

They had a nice display of fridges with various fishes for sale.  The menu looks good - I like a place with a limited menu, usually you can count on them to be good at what they do.  In this case, you order fish.  Don`t go looking for a hamburger from a fish place, they`re good at fish.  SOLD!

Their website is a work in progress, for now they are keeping their Faceook page up to date.  Actually, pictures of them are up there, check it out.  In fact, go eat there.  Their fishcakes looked delish (I saw them on someone else's plate), the fries WERE delish.

According to the menu posted, you could go for breakfast Saturday!  Fishcakes for breakfast!  Yum!

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