Thursday, 14 June 2012

I'd like an apron

Perhaps in my new house there'll be room for the sewing machine to be set up and perhaps my children will magically morph over the six thousand kilometre drive into calm beings so that I may sew an apron after I settle in.

Nah, not reality.

Maybe I'll just browse for a bit though.

It'll have to not pull down on my neck.  It'll have to accomodate a full bust, ahem.  It will have to cover my hips and a little in the behind 'cuz that's where I wipe my hands.

Here's a cute one.  I love the body design of it.

Here are several really cute ideas!  Love the frilly light pink and white ones with the frilly pockets.

The Triple Layer Cake apron on this page reminds me so much of a skirt I got for Easter many moons ago, my next-younger sister got a matching outfit, we were so cute!  Actually, we still are!

This is pretty much a dress!  Love that idea!

Well, that was fun!  The kids are now asleep and I'm going to go finish my chores and get to bed as well.  Buenos noches amigos!


  1. I love aprons. Also fun to sew. I hope you get enough room. Theres all kinds of ways to keep busy with a sewing machine.

  2. i have an apron I really like. I bought it at the Halifax market, it's a denim color and does not weigh down my neck and covers front and sides of my gorgeous ample body.
    Your mom

  3. Here's a pattern you might like:

    I like the idea of making it reversible.

    1. This looks just about right! Thanks Aunt Maureen.