Friday, 13 April 2012

Spiced Hazelnut Milk

Made a batch of this today so I can make the raw cinnamon rolls with the hazelnut pulp that's leftover from the milk-making process.

Soooo yummy.

I processed the soaked nuts and dates with half the water, then slowly added the remaining water while the food processor was running.  I then strained it in cheesecloth for just a minute and squeezed out everything I could, save for later (I have frozen mine for the weekend).  Then I put it in the blender with the cinnamon and nutmeg and blended it just a bit more.  I probably could've done it all in the food processor, but my blender was already dirty (I'd tried to blend all the water with the nuts first and it was like the blades were gummed up or something, they didn't whir.) so I finished it off in there.

I poured myself a glass and put the rest in a mason jar in the fridge.  Yum yum.

I can see it being used in pancakes, waffles, a bowl of granola, in a glass with a cookie...

Got to try almond milk now, can't wait.

Two questions today:

1) Have you made any other nut milks?  What were your results?  Where will you use hazelnut milk (it sounds so luxurious, eh?!)?

2) I'm looking for a great salsa recipe, some for hot and some for not.  We could consume more of it, but I don't like to buy it often and have not found "The One" for us.  Can you suggest any?


  1. I would suggest you post where can I find a good salsa recipe on facebook.
    I'm not sure why your food processor would not do all the work. I'd think about bringing it back.

  2. So glad you liked the recipe :) It is good with EVERYTHING!

    1. And just this weekend, a sickness tore through my family so naturally I don't want to consume any dairy for a few days. This milk will help a lot, I can still have a bowl of granola with milk, but it'll be even better with this hazelnut milk.

  3. I have one I can and it's very tasty. I made about 3 dozen pints for our use and gifts. If you are interested in it just let me know. It's not on the internet but from a friend.