Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Holiday cookie exchange

I took part in a cookie exchange today!

I feel like I won a jackpot.

Here is what I scored:

Here is what I shared:

See the difference?  I used fancy plastic wrap and most of them used their imaginations.

I scored snowballs, chocolate chip cookies, peppermint bark, spiced sugar cookies, butter cookies with cherries on top, white chocolate lemon drop cookies, lemon rolled cookies, gingerbread men, oatmeal raisin cookies.  Great variety and I'm kind of surprised there weren't any shortbread cookies.  So far, the quality of the ingredients used is good too, though I have yet to sample them all.

We brought a treat to share, but because the cookie I made to exchange had peanuts in it, I did not share them in the nut-free facility we were using for the event.  I made a batch of cake balls and shared them instead.  They went over well, but they weren't the biggest hit.  I honestly feel the butter cookies with the cherries on them were better. 

I'm really impressed with the perceived effort that went into the gingerbread men.  This means she rolled out, cut out and fully decorated 72 individual cookies.  That's more dedication than I had for the cookie exchange.



 In retrospect, I will put more imagination and effort in to a cookie exchange next year and maybe my offerings will be dressed to impress!

I made Janet & Greta Podleski's Girl Guy Cookies, a cross between a peanut butter cookie and a spicy molasses cookie.  They are chewy and bake up really purdy-like so they look good for setting out on a platter and trading to new friends and neighbours.  The recipe is here for the Girl-Guy Cookies.

Girl-Guy Cookies with a chewy centre and crispy outside.


  1. don't eat them all!! :)
    your mother

    1. They're in the freezer and I'm pretty sure I can hold out another 12 sleeps 'til you're here! Actually, not sure the butter cookies will last that long, I really do like them. Maybe I'll make a batch of shortbread for us too.

  2. I host a cookie exchange every year, and I love inviting all the people, especially ones who have never been in one before. Last year a girl didn't read the whole invite and didn't package up her cookies - brought them in one big tin - it was so CUTE! (I had plenty of extra bags and tins). This year she had the most amazing packaging, it was a shame to unwrap her cookies (almost, they sure were tasty).
    Moral - its not about the packaging, its about getting together, sharing some recipes and cookies, and then drinking copious amounts of wine until the husbands get tired of huddling in the basement with their nachos and beer and grumble about driving all the drunk wives home.