Monday, 23 July 2012


I've been away.  I've missed you muchly though I confessed in the beginning that my blog fell low on the priority list.

We are relocating to the other side of the country and I'm certain I'll pick it up again once things settle.

Feel free to write to me if you have suggestions for road trip food, music, games, hotel tips and anything else you can think of pertinent to a 6122km journey with four kids, three under 3.5!!!!

I'd love to keep hearing from you.


  1. Well, we had older kids (14 & 16), so they amused themselves with dvd's.
    Here's some basic tips:
    1. Water/coffee makes you want to pee.
    2. Fruit is messy.
    3. Carrot sticks are okay.
    4. Gas stations rarely sell carrot sticks.
    5. There used to be no Tim Horton's for about a seven hour stretch in northern ON. See #1.
    6. Don't leave anything in the car overnight - friends had their car stolen - all stuff in it as well.
    6. Don't know what you're driving - but we had a truck, each kid got one rubbermaid tub to pack their stuff in. ALL stuff. One thing to cart into the hotel each night. See #5.
    7. Try and enjoy it. Treat it like an adventure. It's not often that a kid gets to say he just drove through 7 provinces (or x number of states).
    8. Book hotels in advance. One town had a baseball tournament, had to drive another 3 hours. Rough.

    Good luck! Keep your iPhone charged, and keep us updated along the way!


  2. THANKS, strem. I do hope to keep posting here, but man oh man, that's a tall order. I like your suggestions and am especially pleased you brought to mind #6. We've had a vehicle stolen and you just reminded me that that's a very good point. I'm very much looking forward to it and view it as an adventure, alright. I'm a planner so you can bet I'll have all my hotels booked before I leave, with some room for error in the bookings of cours 'cuz YOU NEVER KNOW (see #7). We're staying in Canada to say we "drove across Canada". The kids keep asking if we're leaving today!

  3. Are you sure you want to stay in Canada? I'd skip the Ontario bit. It'll be construction like crazy vs double/triple lane highways, cheaper food, accommodations, etc in US. Still counts as driving across the country.

    1. You do raise good points here... I may reconsider. Thanks!