Monday, 30 January 2012

More Day 1

Oh I hope I give everyone credit where credit is due.  I may just have verbal diarhea for a day or two (ooooo, probably shouldn't use that word on a food blog... meh) just bear with me.  Let's start with "why a blog".  Well, I am constantly in my kitchen (I have a small house and there's not many other places to hang out) and often create things I'd like to share.  With my family and many friends living far away, the best I can do is post about it, sometimes a link, sometimes a picture.  Will I have time?  I sure hope so!  I'm pretty busy, but maybe not busy enough from the looks of things.  I enjoy making bread and discovering nutrient-dense foods to serve my family - they all have much faster metabolisms than I so I have to watch myself.  Oh yeah, I don't diet in the sense to lose weight, but you will hear me use that word now and then and I'm referring to the old-school definition where it means "what you eat".  Our diet is very mainstream, grocery store based.  I use low-fat recipes, high fat recipes, gluten-free recipes, vegan and vegetarian recipes, I don't discriminate!  Whatever's yummy is in my kitchen.  Current favourite cookbooks are Moosewood Restaurant Low Fat Favourites, The Complete Canadian Living Baking Cookbook, Make It Tonight (Canadian Living), Entre cuisine et bambini (by Stefano Faita), Eat, Shrink and Be Merry and Looneyspoons (by Janet and Great Podleski), Miracle Foods (by Anna Selby), Kids Cooking (by the editors of Klutz Press).  I have various websites I frequent which include, but are not limited to,, CheekyKitchen, Chocolate-Covered Katie, Mmm... is for Mommy!.  This list is in no way conclusive and changes almost daily depending on what I'm looking for and what is available to work with. I enjoy making my own bread, ricotta cheese and eating them... together as one!  I drink coffee, enjoy wine (not often enough), love carob chips, baked goods, and any meal someone else wants to serve me.  I gotta go do something productive, see ya around.


  1. Am I doing the link thing right? Do you find it annoying? I like it! What will other bloggers think of my linking to them? I have to make sure I give proper credit for recipes I use!! AHHHH!

  2. Good luck with this Rana. I always enjoy keeping up with you in whatever way I can. I can post interesting recipes too if you like...just let me know.


    1. Hey Aunt Maureen! If you meant posting here in the comments section, please do. Go right ahead.