Monday, 30 January 2012

Carob raisin clusters

I do so love carob chips!  It brings me right back to some time in my childhood when my Mum was on a fad diet (it was the 80's, who wasn't?!) and she was trying to convince herself carob was a viable substitute for chocolate.  Well, it isn't BUT it IS great all alone with no excuses.  Today, I melted some and added a tiny bit of coconut oil, raisins, chopped peanuts and sunflower seeds for a snack.  I LOVED IT!  My kids, though, not so much.  One actually spat it out, the rest just didn't eat more than one bite.  I recommend you go to your nearest bulk food store or health food store and get a tiny amount - you will either love it or hate it.  It's safe for dogs if you want to make a treat for Rex too.  I've got to go now, my dough has risen.

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  1. I adore carob chips!! If you ever find any in a package let me know. Poor piggy has allergies and can't have bulk bin items.