Sunday, 7 July 2013

Update on #5 and eating for healing

#5 (another for the pink team) was born on Monday, June 17th at 8:39am weighing 7lbs 9ozs.  She has dark hair which is very different from the other four blonds I gave birth to.  She is, of course, beautiful and I'm so in love!  In fact, everyone here is totally in love with her too.  They always want to know where she is, how she is, if they can hold her, kiss her, pet her, even tap her!  So much love in our house right now.  I'm just astounded!

I healed very well for a few days in the hospital but then that changed and I've been on bedrest though am not right now, just taking it easy.  My Man is fabulous at juggling the kids and meals so I really do have to remember to take care of me.  I have to get better as soon as possible to be more useful sooner for the family.

I still continue to be amazed by how much our bodies can take a beating and still bounce back.  Also continue to be amazed with the fact that if you give your body the proper tools, it can repair a whole lotta damage.  I wish I'd done more research into the nutrients I'd need more of to heal from a caesarean well before the surgery and "stocked up" both by eating optimally beforehand and having the information at the ready if things weren't went downhill, which they did.

A blood test found I was slightly anemic so was started on iron right then and there and told I should continue to take it for three months to replenish my stock.  A bit of research has singled a few other vitamins and minerals that, along with a diet full of the usual fruits and vegetables, will optimize healing.  I am now eating very well despite a decrease in my appetite, every bite counts.

I prepared my first meal for the family last night and it was chock full of onions, garlic and turmeric - three things specified to aid in healing.  I made chickpea curry and we ate it with rice.

Complete proteins, iron, vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin A were stand-outs in my research.

Wish I'd known sooner.  Gad I know now and it's not too late.  I will heal and I will be fine.

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