Saturday, 17 November 2012

Product review - Epicure Selections

I have tried three Epicure Selections dip mixes.

The first (and best so far) was Cheese, Chives and Bacon. Oh. my. This was way too good.

Photo courtesy Epicure Selections
I used it on a baked potato and chips.  Fortunately, I served it to guests so I didn't have to consume it all myself.  I could've though. 

The next one I loved was 3 Onion Dip Mix.  It, too, was extraordinary.  It was also served on a baked potato and on chips. 

Photo courtesy Epicure Selections
The third was not my cup o' tea.  I tried Lemon Dilly Dip Mix in my tuna salad and it didn't jive with the sandwich.  I have tried a bit on some mashed potato and it was better suited there.  Perhaps the tuna was just not the best fit for it.  I love dill, so perhaps it was the combination with lemon.  Whatever the case, this third choice was not for me.

Photo courtesy Epicure Selections

There is a lot to be done with each of Epicure Selections' fantastic line of products.  These, and many other Dip Mixes they sell can be used as rubs for meats, marinades, and of course, kick ass DIPS!

Note: I purchased one bottle of spice mix from my representative and was gifted two sample envelopes of other products.  The above is entiretly my opinion. 

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